You're playing into the xenophobic Brexiteer smears': Julia rows with London GP over NHS

Friday, March 9, 2018

Julia Hartley-Brewer had a furious row with London GP Sarah Jarvis this morning, with both accusing the other of ignorance regarding Brexit and the NHS.

Jarvis accused Julia of deluding herself with statistics, while our host accused her guest of painting Brexiteers as "xenophobic" and falling for Remainer lies.

Jarvis appeared on Julia's show to discuss the news that NHS staff could be offered a 6.5% pay increase in return for forfeiting a day of annual leave.

The Shepherd's Bush GP said this would actually constitute a real-terms fall in wages, given the 6.5% increase would be split over three years and inflation is currently running at an annual rate of 3%.

She then went on to discuss the wider problems of the NHS, and suggested many of her colleagues from the EU are leaving Britain for fear that they will be kicked out post-Brexit.

But Julia responded: "If they're that skilled and that educated and that professional and that useful to us, they would know that they're not going to be expected to leave and they're going to have the right to stay here.

"I can assure you there's not a single person anywhere, anywhere to do with the Government or Brexit, who thinks that anyone who's living here [from the EU], who's living here legally, is going to be expected to leave or asked to leave. It's a load of nonsense."

When Jarvis responded by saying that this isn't how many in the NHS feel, Julia said "they should do their research".

Our guest said Julia was blinded by statistics, saying "you're reading online, I'm seeing it every day."

But Julia countered by saying that Jarvis has "given in to the Remain nonsense," adding that "you're reading online, I'm seeing it every day."

Watch the debate above