'You're two snowflakes from my generation', journalist tells James Whale and Ash

'You're two snowflakes from my generation', journalist tells James Whale and Ash

James Delingpole accused James Whale of being a snowflake

Thursday, March 22, 2018

A journalist has accused James Whale of being a "snowflake" in a debate about freedom of speech.

A man who filmed his girlfriend's dog holding its paw up as if it was doing a Nazi salute and uploaded it online has been convicted of hate crime. Mark Meechan had denied wrongdoing.

Journalist and columnist James Delingpole told James Whale and Ash: "It’s not pleasant lovely cuddly floral speech that needs to be defended in the free speech war it’s precisely difficult speech.

"I think people should be held accountable for the words they speak but that doesn’t mean it’s the state's business to censor."

Ash argued that "people need defending" from things that are said and James agreed "some people can’t defend themselves."

Delingpole responded "you’ve just said some people can’t defend themselves. We’re talking about words here" and Ash pointed out that "bullied people can kill themselves."

The journalist claimed: "I'm listening to two snowflakes from my generation. Unbelievable."

James said "if you shut your mouth for a moment and listen" Meechan "should not have been put in jail" but "what should have been done [to him is to be] tied to a stake and thrashed.

"There are certain rules and regulations [on speech] and I don’t think it makes society any better to train your dog to do a Hitler salute when you talk about the gassing of a number of people."

However, Delingpole argued "there’s a difference between the sheer nastiness of an actual Nazi wishing ill on people and somebody teaching his pug dog...in order to wind up his girlfriend and also by extension wind up pillocks like you."

James claimed "you’re more of a snowflake than I am."

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