YouTube to offer special 'fake news' training for teenagers

YouTube to offer special workshops on how to spot fake news for teenagers

Friday, April 21, 2017

YouTube has announced a campaign to educate teenagers on how to spot fake news. 

Around the UK, the video streaming site will be hosting workshops as part of Internet Citizens Day aimed at teaching 13-to-18 year olds on how to spot false stories. 

It will also aim to raise awareness of the issues of free speech and online abuse. 

The site has been criticised in the past for how it has handled abusive videos, with bodies like the Government, BBC, and Channel 4 pulling their adverts from the site over these concerns. 

This campaign has come in response to this, and the company has been working on the planned workshops for weeks. 

The term 'fake news' really exploded into popular consciousness when Donald Trump used it in his very first press conference as president-elect, telling CNN reporter Jim Acosta "you are fake news." The US President has repeated the phrase several times since then to point the finger at other organisations, and the term has filtered into pretty much every other area of the news spectrum.