YouTuber who trained dog to give a Nazi salute to speak at UKIP conference

Friday, September 21, 2018

A YouTuber who trained his girlfriend's dog to give Nazi salutes will deliver a talk on freedom of speech at the UKIP party conference today.

Mark Meechan, who was fined £800 after uploading footage of his partner's pug raising a paw at phrases such as "gas the jews" and "sieg heil" to YouTube, will deliver a talk on "the state of freedom of speech in the UK".

Speaking to talkRADIO's Ross Kempsell, Mr Meechan, who goes by the name of Count Dankula online, said: "[I'm] just talking about the state of freedom of speech in the UK. I'm bringing up examples of people that have been arrested."


Mr Meechan also revealed the dog "still does the salute".

"You can train a dog, but you can't untrain them," he said. "It's stuck there. I know how to train. I don't know how to untrain."

Mr Meechan was found guilty of posting material that was "grossly offensive" and "antisemitic and racist in nature" in breach of the Communications Act.

He claimed he made the video as a joke to annoy his partner.