Zimbabwe: 'No matter what happens Robert Mugabe is toast and can't hang on'

Zimbabwe: 'No matter what happens Robert Mugabe is toast and can't hang on'

Many are calling for Robert Mugabe to resign

Monday, November 20, 2017

No matter what happens in Zimbabwe now President Robert Mugabe is "toast," but this situation must be used to end corruption and help the poor.

That's according to Zimbabwe-born journalist Georgina Godwin, who spoke to Julia Hartley-Brewer as a deadline imposed on Mugabe passed without his resignation.

Mugabe had been told by the ruling Zanu-PF party that he would be impeached if he did not resign by midday local time today (November 20). This deadline has now passed but no announcements have yet been made.

In a speech Mugabe made yesterday (November 19) he seemed to suggest he wanted to attempt to continue leading the country.

Godwin told Julia: "I think whatever happens [Robert Mugabe is] toast there's no way that he can hang on at all."

But she said despite the politics the issue "is about people not being able to eat about people dying needlessly because of the greed and the shamelessness of a few people."

The journalist thinks "it's unlikely for the people themselves to come out onto the streets" and start violence but "the war veterans are a very real threat and indeed the rank and file of the army."

She explained impeachment "isn’t an overnight process there is a whole kind of political process that has to be followed."

"I’m not quite sure how the numbers stack up but it looks like Zanu-PF would not have the two thirds majority they need in order to impeach him."

Godwin believes this means the opposition must say in return for our vote on impeachment Zimbabwe needs "electoral reform and security service reform."

"This is their moment to make sure that our ultimate goal free and fair elections does come to pass" and "what we need the West to do and particularly China who is a big big stakeholder in Zimbabwe is to say we will continue to bankroll you but these things absolutely have to happen."

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