As Angela Merkel begins her Brexit tour, which European leaders will savage Britain?

Angela Merkel - German Chancellor
Estonia: TOUGH
Czech Republic: TOUGH
Austria: TOUGH

The German Chancellor will be discussing the EU after Brexit with key EU leaders. And one prince

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

This week sees German Chancellor Angela Merkel travel across Europe to discuss the key issue with key European leaders: Brexit. 

The UK voting to leave the European Union sent political shockwaves across the continent back in June. Now the Brexit preparations are beginning in earnest - and the UK certainly isn't invited.

In a whirlwind six days Merkel meet 15 leaders of European member states. Oh, and Prince William. 

The prince aside, there's only one reason why she's doing this: to gauge the mood of Europe. She wants to know which leaders want to give Britain a good deal, and which ones want to punish us for leaving. 

Here is a selection of several key figures she'll meet across the next four days, check out the gallery above to see them, and find out what sort of deal they want to give Britain.