Brendan O'Neill: Stop pretending you’re a victim when you’re not

Thursday, January 23, 2020

Columnist Brendan O'Neill argues that it is a "tough time for chivalrous people" as he gives his take on feminism and identity politics. These are his views and not talkRADIO'S.

Identity politics, this new woke idea of everything having to be perfectly the same is actually very anti-equality, very patronizing to minority groups and to women.

What we really need to focus on is just having a standard that we expect all people to be able to reach.

We’ve become obsessed with measuring people on their identity, rather than just saying to them “guys, apply to this job, prove your worth and we will approach you on an equal basis and take you on board if you are good”.

I think legal activism is a key part of this and a lot of people are making a lot of money from equality law complaints.

When employment tribunals make those kinds of judgements to say “that’s sexual discrimination” it gives a green light to more of this legal activism and it makes the workplace a really divided situation.

What it really symbolises is that there are a lot of people out there, and they are some very middle class people usually, on the hunt for oppression.

They want to feel oppressed; they want to feel like a victim so they constantly have to look for evidence of their victimhood, even though none really exists.

So they just blow everything out of proportion because in the woke era everyone wants to be a victim, everyone wants sympathy, everyone wants to say “I suffered from structural oppression”.

These are tough times for chivalrous people. I offered to help a lady on the tube last year with what looked like an incredibly heavy bag and she snapped at me and said “I don’t need any help”.

I think feminism has caused a lot of confusion for men and women. Things that were perfectly normal in the past, like the size of petrol pump handles or a man opening a door, have become problematized and proof of the patriarchal oppression.

Everyone needs to chill out, relax, let people interact in a polite way and stop pretending to be a victim when you’re clearly not.

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