Brexit: George Galloway warns listeners not to support House of Lords 'parasites'

George Galloway warns people not to support the 'parasites' in the House of Lords

George Galloway warned listeners not to support the House of Lords

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

George Galloway has warned listeners not be be lured into supporting the House of Lords over Brexit. 

The upper chamber has already defied Theresa May and her government on Brexit by amending the Article 50 bill with a clause guaranteeing EU nationals' right to stay in the UK. A further amendment could be added at the vote stage of the bill today (Tuesday).

Galloway said: "The Lords can never do well.

"What possible justification can there be for an unelected House of parliament to defy not only the elected house of parliament, but to deny the British people in a referendum who’ve already made the decision to leave.

“Please don’t be lured into supporting this bloated... class of parasites, almost every one of them, few exceptions, it’s time to clean the augean stable of British democracy and get rid of them."

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