Donald Trump is not strong or dumb enough to break the Iran deal, says George Galloway

'Donald Trump is not stupid or strong enough to break the Iran deal', says George Galloway

Donald Trump became the President on Friday

Monday, January 23, 2017

George Galloway believes Donald Trump will not break the Iran deal, as he is not stupid or strong enough.

During Donald Trump's campaign the now-President talked of scrapping the Iran deal, an agreement between Iran, the US and five countries that reduces international economic sanctions against the country in return for them ending their pursuit of nuclear weapons.

When talking to a caller, George said: "[Mr Trump] campaigned on the scrapping of the Iran deal, [but] that’s not what his putative cabinet members are now saying.

"It’s not his deal to break, this is an international deal. He’s not stupid enough maybe, but he's not strong enough, definitely, to break that deal."

He also commented on Barack Obama's presidency, saying: “At the end of his term, on the second-last day, he made a speech about Israel-Palestine. If he had made that speech at the beginning of his term and acted on it, he could have made the world a much safer and more just place."

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