England will keep losing 'unless someone gives English football a good shake-up,' says talkSPORT correspondent Nigel Adderley

England will keep losing 'unless someone gives English football a good shake-up,' says talkSPORT correspondent Nigel Adderley

England lost 2 - 1 to Iceland at Euro 2016

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Last night England were knocked out of Euro 2016, and talkSPORTs England correspondent, Nigel Adderley, says this will keep happening until English football is reformed.

England lost 2 - 1 to Iceland in the first knockout round, despite this being Iceland's first major tournament and being the smallest country ever to make it to a major football finals tournament.

Adderley claims situations like this will keep happening until changes are made. 

"Basically I think things will stay the same and we'll be having a similar conversation in a couple of years, unless someone actually gets hold of the England set-up and gives it a good shake-up," he told Julia Hartley-Brewer.

"I think the Premier League is the problem, because the Premier League is the pre-eminent part of football in this country, whereas you look at Germany and the national football team is the pre-eminent part and everything is channeled into that to make it a success.

"Iceland have 300,000 people but they've got 650 coaches coaching their players, England have double that number for 60 million, and that is our problem – we don't have the right infrastructure, which is why we end up embarrassed like this."

He also believes we shouldn't just be blaming the players for last night.

"I don't think you can say the players playing last night didn't care – I think they did care, but they were just bemused by the way they were beaten by a side who are many places below them in the FIFA rankings, and come from a country with no real footballing pedigree.

"You can blame the players but I think you have to look at the system – Iceland have a manager who's a part-time dentist, Roy Hodgson was on £3.5 million a year. That tells you something – it's almost not about the personalities, it's about what people do, and English football has been getting it wrong now tournament after tournament, generation after generation."

England manager Roy Hodgson has announced his resignation, but at this stage it is unclear who could be in the frame to replace him.

"We've got some huge managerial names in the Premier League next season," said Adderley. "Jose Mourinho, Pep Guardiola, Antonio Conte, who did so well with the Italian team yesterday, but of course none of them would touch the England job with a bargepole.

"It's all about getting the best man. At the moment there are names that are being bandied around, but no one's really doing that with any real confidence."