From George Clooney to JK Rowling, celebrities are uniting against Donald Trump

Celebrities unite against Donald Trump

Donald Trump hasn't won over these influential people

Friday, September 30, 2016

Donald Trump may have gathered a considerable following over the last few years, but there are some key people who haven't fallen under his spell. 

And, unfortunately for the Donald, they include some of the most famous people on the planet.

A number of celebrities have risen up to point out exactly why the businessman should not be elected president. 

Take a look below:

Susan Sarandon

In a hilarious comparison, the actress linkened Donald Trump to a "drunk uncle at a wedding." She said she "can't even address him seriously," but expressed her concern that "he's made hatred and racism normal." 

J.K Rowling

The author said that Donald Trump was worse than Voldemort. Ouch. 

George Clooney

The veteran actor called the candidate "a xenophobic fascist" in an interview with The Guardian. 

The cast of Will & Grace

Everyone who watched Will & Grace eventually came to love the characters. It was a comedy sitcom, which was groundbreaking at the time for having two male leads who portrayed gay characters. Will, the smart and sharp lawyer. Grace, the lovable interior designer who loved to eat. Jack, the perenially unemployed, flamboyant performer, and Karen, the quick-witted, socialite wife of a millionaire who had a casual attutide to alcohol and prescription medication.

Well, after ten years since the show stopped airing, they've reunited to deliver this video, explaining all the downsides to Donald Trump in the best way they know how:


The Avengers (and loads of famous people) assemble against Donald Trump

We all love the Avengers. So no doubt Robert Downey Jr., Scarlett Johansson, and Mark Ruffalo - among others - telling you why Donald Trump isn't the best and encouraging you to vote will get people voting.

If not, maybe the promise of Mark Ruffalo getting naked might sway a few people: