George Galloway asks Donald Trump protesters: 'Where were you when Britain built a wall in Calais?'

'Protesters are outraged over Donald Trump's wall, but where were they when the UK built one in Calais?', asks George Galloway

George Galloway gave his view on protests against Donald Trump

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Protesters against Donald Trump don't want him to build a wall along the Mexico border, yet they were nowhere to be seen when the UK built a wall in Calais, says George Galloway.

The talkRADIO presenter said: “They talk about building a wall. We just built a wall in Calais, not even in our own country, and we spent taxpayers' money, millions of pounds to build a wall ourselves at Calais in France."

He also added that whilst many are outraged that Donald Trump's travel ban and ban on refugees, “in many cases, in the media in almost all cases, [they support] the very wars that produced the refugee flow in the first place.

“A lot of it, and certainly almost all of the media coverage [for the travel ban] is entirely opportunistic. It’s not about a Muslim ban.

"First of all such people were never much interested [or] concerned about Muslims before, and they’re not much interested that six of them were gunned down in a mosque in Quebec just the other day."

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