George Galloway: 'Donald Trump supporters have killed more people in North America than refugees have'

'Nobody has a right to go to America, but Donald Trump's travel ban is foolish', says George Galloway

George Galloway gave his view on Donald Trump's travel ban

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

George Galloway opened his show today with a typically forthright monologue on Donald Trump's travel ban.

Our presenter said that Mr Trump's own supporters have killed more people in North America than refugees have - pointing to the fact that the man suspected of killing six people at a mosque in Quebec on Sunday is a passionate fan of the new US president.

Galloway also said that Mr Trump's travel ban, which has banned travellers from seven predominately Muslim countries from entering America and barred Syrian refugees indefinitely - is "foolish and dangerous because it excludes Saudi Arabia and other gulf countries, which are in fact the fountainhead of terrorism.

“It will give another chip on the shoulder of people with more than enough chips already on their shoulders at the injustice and double standards."

Galloway, a prominent supporter of Palestine, also suggested the anti-Trump protests are deeply hypocritical because the protesters turned a blind eye when Gaza was being bombarded by Israeli forces in 2014.

"We were protesting outside their window, the BBC, 100,000 of us. All they had to do was open the window, stick a camera out and put us on the news. But they didn't. They ignored it. So why is it news that people are now protesting in lower, smaller numbers?"

Galloway believes the real reason for this perceived hypocrisy is that Mr Trump doesn't hate Russia enough, and this offends the neoliberal political establishment.

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