George Galloway: "Just when we thought we had tramped the dirt down... Thatcher is back"

"Just when we thought we had tramped the dirt down... Thatcher is back"

George Galloway

Friday, November 25, 2016

"Just when we thought we had tramped the dirt down, put the stake through her cold heart, Thatcher is back," George Galloway said on Friday night.

It followed newly-released official files showed that the former Conservative Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher secretly continued to pursue politically explosive plans to dismantle the welfare state even after ministers thought they had been killed off by a cabinet revolt.

"The papers which have emerged on Thatcher are utterly damning," the talkRADIO host told his audience, saying it shows why they kept them hidden for 30 years.

He said the full extent to which they planned to "utterly destroy" the welfare state is now evident.

"Sure there was loads of money for the spivs and hucksters under Thatcher, but she destroyed lives of millions of honest workers."

Mr Galloway also said the former Prime Minister as well as Sir John Major, Tony Blair, David Cameron, and Theresa May were all "cheeks of the same backside, and it's getting a slap from the electorate".

The former MP, who hosts his show from 7pm every Friday night on talkRADIO, also commented on a warning from Sir John Major that the terms of the Brexit deal must not be dictated by the "tyranny of the majority", and claims from Tony Blair that if people decide the costs of leaving the European Union are too high, Brexit could be stopped.