George Galloway: Nigel Farage's radio bosses don't dare put him on at the same time as me

'My show beats Nigel Farage's radio show out the park', says George Galloway

George Galloway believes his show beats Nigel Farage's radio show out the park

Thursday, January 19, 2017

George Galloway believes Nigel Farage's radio bosses are running scared of The Mother of All Talk Shows and don't dare put the former UKIP leader on at the same time as him.

Farage is hosting a weeknight radio show on a rival station, but he does not host the show on a Friday night when George is on air at talkRADIO.

When talking to caller Mark from Liverpool about the former UKIP leader, George said: “You’ll notice they haven’t scheduled Farage up against me, they haven’t put Farage on the radio at the same time as me.

“I’ll tell you for why - because we’d beat them out the park, this is the university of the airwaves.

“It’s thanks to people like you [Mark], whatever we disagree on, you always argue your corner very well," he added.

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