George Galloway: 'Parliament is filled with incompetent pathetic poodles'

George Galloway: 'Parliament is filled with MPs who are incompetent pathetic poodles'

George Galloway believes many MPs are incompetent

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

George Galloway has said that Parliament is filled with MPs who are incompetent "pathetic poodles."

Today (March 15) seems to have provided an example of exactly what Galloway was talking about, as Philip Hammond has U-turned and dropped plans to increase National Insurance for self-employed people - only for Jeremy Corbyn to fail to exploit the debacle during Prime Minister's Questions.

Galloway gave his views on Parliament and said: "Donkeys by the dozen are the order of the day, in fact by the score, if not by the hundred.

"You don’t have to be competent to be an MP, people in safe seats, Conservative and Labour for generations have been very far from competent.

“We have the most incompetent Parliament now, today that I have ever known, it’s a Parliament of pathetic poodles."

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