George Galloway tells listeners about a tale of two Hunts

George Galloway tells listeners about a tale of two Hunts

Jeremy Hunt and Tristram Hunt

Friday, January 13, 2017

“One hunt has not been sacked yet. Another Hunt has sacked himself, leaving his constituents in the middle of a cold winter entirely alone, without parliamentary representation for their many troubles.”

In his opening monologue on Friday night, talkRADIO’s George Galloway commented on the resignation of Labour MP Tristram Hunt, as well as the NHS crisis Jeremy Hunt is facing.

The Stoke-on-Trent Central MP announced he is stepping down to become the director of London's Victoria and Albert Museum.

“I am watching with a sick bag by my side the television coverage of this gilded youth, Tristram Hunt.” Mr Galloway said.

“We're being told that he's making a sacrifice, he's giving it all up for a high-flying job in the world of the arts. But in fact he's a rat, jumping off the Labour ship.”

The former MP told listeners it will lead to “the mother of all by-elections” which will likely happen at around the same time as the Copeland by-election.

“If Jeremy Corbyn were to hold these two seats, he's in for some fair weather. But if he were to lose them, the turbulence will become extremely intense indeed.”

Turning to the NHS crisis, Mr Galloway said “the other Hunt doesn't have the grace to go”.

“[Jeremy Hunt is] clinging on to his post amidst a sea of troubles in the National Health Service.

“It's ending in chaos, like Tory governments in whose hands the NHS we're always told is safe.”

He said doctors are working to stem the tide, and the images of exhaustion on their faces on TV “ought to be enough to make a Tory ashamed”.

He also commented on the week’s news from the US with Donald Trump, as well as Jeremy Corbyn’s relaunch earlier in the week.

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