If Scotland leaves the UK and joins the EU it can only lead to misery, says George Galloway

'If Scotland leave the UK and join the EU it can only lead to misery', says George Galloway

George Galloway believes if Scotland stayed in the EU it would lead to misery

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

George Galloway believes if Scotland were to leave the UK and join the EU it would not be a good thing for his fellow countrymen.

The SNP are campaigning for a Scottish independence referendum, claiming they want to keep Scotland in the European Union. Nicola Sturgeon has also suggested "compromise proposals" which aim to keep the country in the single market.

But Galloway said: “If you have to reduce [Scotland's] deficit from 10% to 3% [in order to join the EU], the result can only be misery. Then you’d have to accept the euro, then you’d have to accept free movement of EU labour.

"I just cannot see the Scottish people agreeing to that. That’s why I want a referendum."

He also added he intends to actively oppose the clamour for a second referendum, telling his talkRADIO listeners: “I’m in Scotland a lot and my family’s still there and I am getting my 'Just Say Naw' tour back on the road."

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