LISTEN to Sam Delaney's amazing rant on Lily Allen and child migrants

Child migrants: 'The press should be disgusted and others should be ashamed for condemning Lily Allen', says Sam Delaney

Sam Delaney

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Sam Delaney has hit out at the press and the public for condemning Lily Allen, rather than urging the government to do more to help those in the Calais Jungle camp. 

Allen has received a firestorm of criticism after being reduced to tears when visiting the camp and apologising “on behalf of my country” for what Britain has put children through. Gary Lineker also said migrant children have been treated in a "hideously racist and utterly heartless" way, sparking other users to tweet abuse towards him in response.

The talkRADIO presenter said, "When I see Lily Allen over there, crying in the Jungle over the things she sees, my first instinct is not to condemn her, my first instinct is to think 'oh my God how awful must the scenes be out there.' 

"She's got more balls than me, because I haven't been there. I don't think I've got the stomach for it.

"Lily Allen is not the issue; the issue is the kids living with no proper sanitation, living under threats of violence, ill health and possible sexual abuse. Some of the people in the press should be disgusted with themselves."

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