Live Tinder: The nightmare is unleashed by James Corden and Mel B

James Corden and Mel B - Late Late Live Tinder hilarity

Love is in the air on the Late Late Show

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

The Late Late Show with James Corden at the helm has proved wildly popular. 

With hilarious features which have acheived worldwide fame, like Carpool Karaoke, Corden's fan base has gone stratospheric. 

One of the newest features is 'Late Late Live Tinder'. The premise is exactly as you would imagine it - it's Tinder in real life. Men come up, and a chosen girl from the audience swipes left or right, with the help of both Corden and a special celebrity advisor - in this case, 'Scary Spice', Mel B.

If the girl swipes right, they take a seat on one of the three available chairs. If she swips left, however, they have to take an unceremonious dive into a ball pit. 

I have to admit, I've done a variation of live Tinder before. I was shaking with nerves, and that was just in a pub on the Embankment. I can't imagine how confident you'd have to be to do it on TV, but the confidence (or stupidity) of these men is clearly solid enough to withstand a rejection on national television.

The most recent lucky(?) girl was Alex, who was both beautiful and strong - an accomplished weightlifter, her max squat is 325 pounds. Immediately, I know I'd be punching above my weight with her, but not so for 21-year old Ricardo, who clearly also lifted weights too. Somewhat unsurprisingly, she swiped right for him. 

Next was 26 year old Dan, who - according to Mel B - "looks like he could fix stuff on your computer". Handy, but not Alex's cup of tea, because she swiped left.

Then it was the turn of 28-year-old Andrew to enter the den of rejection. But he earned a seat with his good teeth, hair, and whole 'I-just-woke-up-in-a-bin' vibe. 

Tariq was next and James fell for him more than Alex, even reworking the lyrics to Silk's Freak Me (Cuz tonight baby, I'm gonna get Tariq-y with you). But his facial hair wasn't doing it for Alex, so she elected to move on to 25-year-old Erik - who immediately blew his chances with a cringeworthy hand gesture. 

The last guy, William, also didn't do it for Alex, so the choices were left down to Ricardo and Andrew. Immediately, Mel B advised her on the single most important question to ask either one of them - how big are your feet? It's a fairly uncouth question to ask, but then again, by her reasoning, sometimes you just need to cut to the chase. 

Despite Ricardo being a size ten and Andrew a size nine, Alex chose the latter for a date "in one of the most romantic conference rooms" the Late Late budget could provide. Sorry Ricardo - guess muscles just aren't everything. Sometimes all it takes is a vibe where you apparently look like a bit of a tramp. 

Highly worth your time, watch it below: