New Year's Resolutions are bad for mental health, say Badass Women's Hour panellists

'Resolutions need to be on-going, not just for New Year', says Badass Women’s Hour's Emma Sexton

The Badass Women's Hour discussed New Year's resolutions

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

talkRADIO'S new Badass Women's Hour show began by discussing New Year's resolutions - and our three-pronged presenting team concluded that the pressure they bring is bad for our mental health.

Host Harriet Minter and panellists Natalie Campbell and Emma Sexton all had their say on the issue, and all three agreed that resolutions can get very stressful indeed.

Harrietsaid: “I create quite strong resolutions with my friends…but this year I’m going to be a bit more relaxed about them. Because I actually think it’s not good for our mental health, when we are so intent upon achieving stuff."

Natalie agreed, saying: “We’ve now taken on this commercial thing of zoning into people, saying that you can be this new person come January 1 and set all of these goals.

"Then they berate themselves because they fail, or it raises their anxiety because they’re like 'I need to do this or I need to be this person, and it’s just not real.'"

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