"The next train on platform one will be…90 minutes late", Ash Gould reflects on a nightmare journey home

You don't want to miss the story of Ash's nightmare train journey!

Ash Gould (above right): "It wouldn't happen in Germany or Holland. Sort it out…"

Friday, August 5, 2016

Ever had a nightmare train journey? Of course you have. Whether it's leaves on the line, the 'wrong kind of snow' or too much sunshine, everyone has had their lives disrupted by cancelled services, bus replacements and ever-lengthening delays.

Travelling home from work recently, Ash Gould, off Jonny Gould feat. Ash, had a bit of a 'mare trying to get a train from London Blackfriars. 

From carriages going the wrong way, train drivers catching cabs and using the tracks as a toilet, listen to Ash's rant as he gets his journey off his chest