Olympic victory parade: Which iconic Manchester landmarks will it pass?

Which route will the organisers take?
Manchester Town Hall: DEFINITE
Etihad Stadium: DEFINITE
Old Trafford: MAYBE
Beetham Tower: MAYBE
Wheel of Manchester: MAYBE
The Hacienda: UNLIKELY
Rovers Return: IMPOSSIBLE

Manchester is world-famous for football and music and is packed full of classic Victorian architecture, so it's a tough choice

Monday, August 22, 2016

When the Prime Minister announced there would be celebrations to mark the success of Team GB's atheletes in the Rio Olympics, you'd have expected London to be the setting. After all, the capital was the backdrop to the celebrations in 2003, when England won the World Cup, and 2005, when the country's cricketers brought home the Ashes. 

Surprisingly, however, Theresa May has revealed Manchester will be the centrepiece for the celebrations. Given the current drive towards regional growth and decentralisation, perhaps this was always on the cards.

But which landmarks will the parade pass when it finally takes place in October? 

In contrast to London, Manchester is a small city with a relatively limited number of iconic buildings. But still there will be plenty of debate about the exact course of the route. 

Here are some of the landmarks which will definitely feature (and some which are still in the 'maybe' column).