Opinion: The Attorney General made me see red

Mr Sheerman branded the Attorney General a 'disgrace'

Thursday, September 26, 2019

Labour MP Barry Sheerman reflects on his passionate outburst at the Attorney General Geoffrey Cox. These are his views and not talkRADIO’s.

I made a call yesterday for all of us, whether we’re passionate remainers or passionate leavers, to tone down the language.

To be passionate yes - as I was yesterday - and to be angry, but not to use words like “traitor” and “surrender” and this awful language that was used in the chamber later that night when the Prime Minister was performing.

This is very personal for me to actually talk about in very measured terms. 

I wanted yesterday to speak with passion and I don’t usually speak as loudly. I shouted a bit, of course I did.

What made me see red was the fact that I was sitting there listening to the Attorney General, and there was no humility, no apology, for the government having been found out to have illegally closed down Parliament.

WATCH: Barry Sheerman MP's furious rant at Geoffrey Cox

I was listening to that and then he said that we, the Parliament, was immoral.

We were immoral? And the talk that he was Attorney General calling me, another Parliamentarian, immoral – that really made me angry and that’s why I spoke with such passion.

I’m not guilty of the sort of language that’s being used currently that is damaging.

I was doing a lot of interviews after my comments yesterday and do you know how hurtful it is to walk across the College Green and a woman that you’ve never met in your life looks at you, recognises you and calls you traitor?

That’s the sort of language that has been used in the House of Commons. I deplore that.

I made a very strong call for everyone to cool down; for the Prime Minister to stop talking in the way that he does, and I think all of us this morning should reflect on the intensity of the discussion yesterday and language that was used and do better.

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