Opinion: If you're not safe in New Zealand, then you're not safe anywhere

New Zealand

Police cordon off an area in Christchurch, New Zealand following the mass shooting

Friday, March 15, 2019

talkRADIO host, executive editor of the Sun and New Zealand native Dan Wootton gives his thoughts on the Christchurch terror attack. These are his views and not talkRADIO's.

The horrific terrorist attack in New Zealand today - and I purposely use that word terrorist - is heartbreaking on so many levels. 

But more than anything because it shows nowhere is safe from ideologically driven mad men who will commit the most atrocious and callous forms of murder to further hate. At any cost. 

I grew up in New Zealand and it was as idyllic as you would imagine.



It was moving to London where I was first exposed to terrorism while riding the tube on 7/7. 

It was shocking because in New Zealand you feel safe. It’s just taken as read that these type of incidences don’t happen in our little slice of paradise. 

New Zealand is a happy, peace-loving, progressive and kind country of five million at the bottom of the world which has always been a shining example when it comes to powerful gun control laws. 

Well that dream has been smashed today. And that’s a terrible thing for fear in this world. Because if you’re not safe in New Zealand, then you’re not safe anywhere. 


'Sick acts'

Shooter Brenton Tarrant live-streamed the attack on social media

This man’s sick acts also raise another point - the need for social media to be controlled once and for all.

I witnessed this horror act in near real-time because it was broadcast live on Facebook and then shared all across YouTube and Twitter. How is that possible? 

If any other broadcasting organisation published such violence they would be taken off air for good. 



These are the richest companies in the world. Proper moderation must now happen. 

I want to finish using the phrase kia kaha.

It’s a Maori word meaning stand strong that brings the country together at times of great tragedy.

As a Kiwi on the other side of the planet, I am convinced the world is standing with New Zealand right now.