Opinion: Nevermind PPI - we have been mis-sold democracy

Thursday, August 29, 2019

talkRADIO's Julia Hartley-Brewer responds to the protests taking place against Boris Johnson's decision to suspend Parliament. These are her views and not talkRADIO's.

Today is the last day you can claim for your PPI if you were mis-sold it. I feel sometimes we were mis-sold our democracy.

Were you mis-sold a democracy? Were you not told that when you voted in a referendum that your vote didn't count if you voted the wrong way? Well, today is your last day to claim folks - 11pm for PPI, perhaps a little bit longer to try and claim on your Brexit vote.

I am one of those 17.4 million leavers who spent most of yesterday laughing our heads off at the absolute hilarity of the stop the coup, block the coup threats to storm Number 10.

Hysterical tweets from the likes of Hugh Grant, John Bercow, Guy Verhofstadt... Brexit derangement syndrome was in full flight.

There is one million plus signatures now on a petition to try and stop the proroguing of Parliament. Do get in touch when it does reach 17.4 million, and then, perhaps, we will have a conversation about it.

Everyone and their dog have been demanding to see the Queen it seems, insisting that if they can only meet with the Queen, they can persuade her it wasn't consitutional to prorogue Parliament.

But of course, it is constitutional for the Prime Minister to do that. It is what every Prime Minister does before they go to have their Queen's speech.

It's the longest Parliament in centuries, going almost three years without a Queen's speech.

The people claiming they care so much about Parliamentary sovereignty today are the very same people who would be delighted to hand more powers to Brussels without the consent of the British people.

While remoaners are very happy to play with the constitution when it suits them, with threats of setting up an alternative Parliament, ignoring the EU referendum result, seizing the legislative agenda, they are not very happy when it is done back to them.

A very simple word for them really. Tough.

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