Opinion: Royals should be treated in the same way as politicians

Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Graham Smith, CEO of Republic – an organisation calling for the abolition of the monarchy – says members of the Royal Family should face tougher scrutiny, following Prince Andrew’s “disastrous” TV interview. These are his views and not talkRADIO’s.

If you are an elected Head of State, you are accountable.

If you are growing up in a normal household and your mum or dad happens to be elected as a Head of State, then you have not grown up in an environment where you are constantly being told that you can do what you like and you have not done anything wrong.

Andrew has grown up to be a rather arrogant and self-entitled individual who just cannot see what he’s done wrong, other than apparently letting down his own family.

My rule of thumb is that we should treat all of them, including the Queen, in the same way that we treat politicians.

When I talk about the Queen I talk about her in terms of being our Head of State and therefore needing to be accountable.

People say, "should Andrew have done the interview?" As if somehow the only problem here was that he made a PR mistake. Of course he should have done the interview and all of them should be interviewed fairly regularly, including the Queen.

I think if the Queen and Charles and others were interviewed in the same manner as politicians, they would not be winning any elections.

They are not really equipped to deal with challenge and honesty and all the rest of it - they would be asked an awful lot of very hard questions that they would struggle to answer.

Andrew has made a serious error on his part, in the sense that he thought that he was equipped to do this.

He does not really have any experience of the real world and he clearly was not equipped to do it.

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