Opinion: The Tories are the most successful party in history – here’s why

The party won its biggest majority since 1987

Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Conservative MP Tobias Ellwood tells talkRADIO why he thinks his party is the “most successful in history” following its landslide general election victory. These are his opinions and not talkRADIO's.

We have been the most successful party in history because of our ability to regroup and to recognise the importance of the centre ground.

There was a complexion issue, a perception issue perhaps, in the lead up to the election itself when the party moved to the right.

But the One Nation Conservatism that the Prime Minister has been promoting - and I very much support - is absolutely about Britain recognising the desire to be run from the centre itself and not got to the left or the right.

What Jeremy Corbyn was offering was something that Britain just couldn’t tolerate. A four day working week, renationalisation... this was an extreme form of socialism that many Labour supporters didn’t actually recognise.

That is why the big red wall fell.

Boris Johnson uses colourful language. He speaks in poetry when the rest of us try to speak in prose. You need to be able to reflect and respond to that.

But ultimately, I’m so pleased that the first thing he did from the podium at Number 10 was actually to turn around to his own party and say “we have to change again”.

When you win normally, you say, actually, “that’s the winning form and I’ll continue as I am”.

But absolutely this is the secret and the success to the Conservative Party’s advancement.

It’s that we recognise, why did we win? Those votes were on loan, the trust was temporary from all those traditional Labour areas.

The only way we can galvanise and turn that into something permanent is by recognising that we need to invest support, we need to invest in infrastructure and change the lives of those very people who have bestowed a sense of trust in us but only temporarily.

That is the charge that now the Prime Minister and our party face.