Opinion: Why Shamima Begum's picture should be be used as target practice

Shamima Begum

The target at Ultimate Airsoft range in Wallasey

Thursday, February 28, 2019

Journalist and broadcaster Martin Daubney explains why he thinks a shooting range using Shamima Begum's picture as the target is a "splendid" idea. These are his views and not talkRADIO's.

A Merseyside shooting range is using a picture of Jihadi bride Shamima Begum as a target after a record number of requests from customers, and I think it’s a splendid idea.

I’m totally for shooting at real ISIS terrorists, let alone plastic pellets at paper cutouts. They chose their path in life when they declared war on the UK and all we stand for.



The discourse around Shamima Begum has consistently featured language that almost semi-protects her. We hear “she was a young girl, she was groomed” – without even knowing the full facts. 

Yet there was a report out by the Henry Jackson Society last week showing that the motives of Jihadi brides are much more likely to be determined by themselves, rather than sit in this “vulnerable bride” script of being groomed by nefarious, unseen men, beloved by the progressive liberal left.

Of course outrage ensued after news of the Shamima Begum target hit headlines, which beautifully highlights the curse of the liberal left. Selective outrage. 

At the same shooting range you can shoot Maggie Thatcher, Rupert Murdoch, Donald Trump, Osama Bin Laden, and even Justin Bieber. 

The very fact that people are outraged about this one particular target and none of the others entirely proves the point that journalists and the Twitterati are constantly looking for ways of proving that the UK is Islamophobic, intolerant and far-right. 

A blind eye has been turned to the other targets, who presumably, they think, deserve it?


Liberals: Bozza or Trump bonfires? Hahaha - it's just a joke, crybabies!

Also Liberals: Shamima Begum target practice? Hate crime! Islamophobia! Rise of the Far Right! Brexit! pic.twitter.com/VtQbmRKVzY

— Martin Daubney (@MartinDaubney) February 27, 2019


Regardless, these are airsoft guns that fire plastic pellets that are designed to be shot at people. This is a range where you go to shoot each other. It is harmless.

At the end of the day, if the worst thing we are doing is firing plastic pellets at a piece of paper with a picture of a terrorist on it, I would say we are a pretty tolerant country.