'The real criminal in the Iraq war is Westminster, not the British Army', says George Galloway

'The real criminal in the Iraq war is Westminster, not the British Army', says George Galloway

George Galloway gave his views during the opening of his show

Monday, February 13, 2017

The biggest war crime committed since the First World War by the UK was the Iraq invasion itself, not the British soldiers who were following Westminster orders, George Galloway claims.

Galloway spoke about the investigation into war crimes committed by British forces, but believes it should be expanded. He said: "We need to expand it upwards, because the real criminals, the big criminals are not the squaddie who went over the top."

The talkRADIO presenter thinks those really responsible are "the brothel keepers in Westminster, in their swede shoes and their fancy suits who’ve never heard a shot fired in anger ever in their lives, who couldn’t fight their own way out of a paper bag.

"It was a fake invasion of a sovereign country on a bogus pretext which killed a million people and counting and spawned Isis, spawned extremism in Iraq," he added.

However the talkRADIO presenter is pleased with Donald Trump, after his phone call with China which is said to have been friendly, Galloway said: “If America has good relations with China and good relations with Russia then the chances of another Iraq war disaster are very considerably reduced."

He also spoke about the NHS crisis, claiming that health secretary Jeremy Hunt should have been "at the coal face - was he helping to push the trolleys in the corridors where people are lying for hours awaiting to be seen by doctors?"

In fact he was in the United States, where Galloway believes he was "plotting to sell off parts of our health service as part of a trade deal with the new administration in Washington."

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