The right side of the pond: Democrats' Kavanaugh opposition has sent them 'mad'

The right side of the pond: Democrats' Kavanaugh opposition has sent them 'mad'

Anti-Kavanaugh protesters outside the US Capitol. Image: Getty

Saturday, October 6, 2018

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Yes, Americans are just as “mad” as you think we are.

A talkRADIO listener asked me the other day “Are you Americans mad?”  And my answer was yes - in both senses of the word.

Here in the States, we mostly use “mad” to mean angry. Upset. Royally pissed off.  And boy, are we ever.


'Republicans are angry'

Watch: Professor Scott Lucas tells Eamonn Holmes: 'Christine Blasey Ford is a human being who's suffered trauma'

Trump supporters are so angry at the treatment of their president, and at what they believe is the media elite’s condescending attitude towards them, that they stand by President Trump even at his worst.

When, for example, Trump mocked Dr. Christine Blasey Ford - who claims to have been a victim of a sexual assault - on stage at a campaign rally, his Republican base forgave him (although senators Jeff Flake and Susan Collins called his remarks “appalling”). Why?

Because they were so angry over the way Judge Brett Kavanaugh - who was confirmed into the Supreme Court on Saturday despite pposition - has been treated the past three weeks. As you probably know, Kavanaugh is the person Ford says committed that alleged sexual assault, back in the early 1980s. Trump supporters are angry from watching a long-respected judge having his entire reputation (they believe) dragged through the mud over her allegation, and those of two other women, Julie Swetnick and Deborah Ramirez.

What happened to “innocent until prove guilty?”, they demand?  “How can you smear a husband and father over a story from 36 years ago that nobody can back up?”

Republicans are angry, because they’re afraid that if it can happen to a straight-arrow like Brett Kavanaugh, it could definitely happen to the rest of us regular schlubs.


'Howls of horror'

If you think the American Right is mad, you should see the Left. Or rather hear them. American liberals have spent the past week screaming like maniacs at the U.S. Capitol, at political rallies, at airports, at restaurants - pretty much anywhere they could find a Republican.

Watch: Senator Jeff Flake is confronted in a lift. Video: CBC News

Jeff Flake - who ordered an FBI probe into Kavanaugh, then voted in his favour after a brief report was produced - was cornered in an elevator and questioned by activists. Rand Paul, who’s stayed quiet on the Kavanaugh allegations, was chased through a Washington, DC airport.

Watching these screaming progressives literally flinging themselves to the floor of the Capitol, it’s not enough to declare these Democrats angry: they’ve gone stark-raving mad.

When moderate Republican Susan Collins announced her intention to vote in favor of Judge Kavanaugh, all but assuring his confirmation, you could probably hear the howls of pain and horror all the way across the pond.

What you should do is search the web for Sen. Collins’ speech explaining her decision. It’s an intelligent, reasonable case for what in another time would be common sense: Judge Kavanaugh is incredibly qualified, a serious jurist and has an unblemished record as a judge.

"One can only hope that the Kavanaugh nomination means that the broken process has hit rock-bottom,” Sen. Collins said. I hope she’s right, and that America’s politics have hit bottom, too. I hope Kavanaugh’s confirmation can be the moment when America stops, takes a breath, and re-embraces sanity.

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