The right side of the pond: Hate Trump? Fine, but admit he's boosted economy

The right side of the pond: Hate Trump? Fine, but admit he's boosted economy

Saturday, August 4, 2018

In his column, talkRADIO presenter Michael Graham gives a conservative viewpoint on current issues.

If British liberals want to know why millions of Americans still support that icon of evil, President Donald Trump, you may want to check the scoreboard:

3.9%. That’s America’s unemployment rate as of July. Just a few years ago under Europe’s favorite US President Barack Obama, it was more than double that. For black Americans in 2013, at the peak of the Obama presidency, unemployment was 13.7 percent.

"Would Londoners prefer a big balloon or a good-paying job?"

Today, black unemployment is 6.8%, the lowest rate ever recorded in the U.S.  Under “racist” Donald Trump. Liberals like Mayor Sadiq Khan should ask the hardworking people of color in London if they’d rather have A) a big yellow Trump balloon; B) A good-paying job?

And by “good paying,” we miserable Americans trapped in the Donald Trump dystopia mean the highest wages since the Great Recession. As CNBC reported this week: “Worker Pay Rate Hits Highest Level Since 2008.”  More people are working and more people are earning more.

Are we also seeing more embarrassing, #smh (twitter talk for “shaking my head”) tweets from the Leader of the Free World? Yes. Does Donald Trump obsess over the Mueller investigation and suggestions that he didn’t win the 2016 election on his own steam? Absolutely.

But you know what we in America haven’t seen since Obama left office? A declining economy. During the last two years he was in office, our GDP growth rate shrank - 40 percent during the last year alone. Under Obama, the U.S. never had a year with 3 percent GDP growth. Not after trillions in “stimulus,” not after Obamacare, not after the European-style regulation of the economy from Washington, DC.

You know what else we’re not seeing from the Obama days? North Korean missiles flying over Japan.  Poland and Ukraine begging for weapons to defend themselves from Russia - and being ignored. Chemical weapons attacks against Syrian civilians without consequences from the U.S.

Ah, but the European Left has angry protesters! You’ve got moral preening! You’ve got a balloon!

It’s true that Trump’s approval rating is lower than it should be by an objective measure, and that’s a testament to the political hate he inspires.  As Democratic pollster Peter Hart said recently: “If it were anybody but Donald J. Trump, the approval numbers would be astronomical.”

"For people who are seeking meaning for their lives from their politics, Trump’s terrible"

But what does that say? Yes, Trump’s a jerk. For people who are seeking meaning for their lives from their politics (a pathetic group), Trump’s terrible.  But for people who just want to have a good job, a growing future and a safer country for their kids, Trump has given them actual results to embrace.

It doesn’t excuse his boorish behavior, but it does raise an interesting question: If the UK could have the soaring economy and international confidence of the US, but had to suffer the indignity of an undignified government, what would they choose?

If you believe virtue-signaling is the highest achievement, the answer is easy. If you think good jobs and a rising tide for the lowest end of the economic ladder is more important - in other words, if you prioritize results over posturing - the answer is much harder.

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