The right side of the pond: Trump is crazy, but he's getting results

From across the pond: Trump is crazy, but he's getting results

A South Korean poster mocking Trump pulling out of the nuclear summit

Friday, May 25, 2018

In his column, talkRADIO presenter Michael Graham gives the US conservative viewpoint on current issues.

I’m one of those who never had any use for Donald Trump.

Not as a TV star, a Republican candidate, and certainly not president. Simply put, I don’t do crazy. At least, not on purpose.

I’ve always rejected the Trumpian defense that the world is so messed up and Washington has gotten so weird that the only choice America had was to go full Billy Joel: “You may be right, I may be crazy. But it just may be a lunatic you’re lookin’ for.”

Until now.

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As much as my fellow Trump doubters don’t want to admit it, the North Korea situation has improved more under 16 months of Trump than during 20 years of Clinton, Bush and Obama. We’ve gone from hopeless to “still looks pretty bad” which, while not great, beats “hopeless.”

And while nobody knows what the tunnels and buildings the North Koreans blew up on Thursday were really for, the fact that the Kims were willing to invite the British, US and Chinese press (among others) in and let them watch the DPRK destroy - or pretend to destroy - their only known nuclear test site is big news. Something unimaginable at any moment during the Obama presidency.

It’s a reminder to people like me - and to many Europeans, if they’re willing to be honest - that actions matter. Leaders matter.  It was the leadership of Donald Trump that radically changed the narrative over North Korea.

Trump haters were laughing when Trump cancelled the meeting, claiming it was yet another sign he has no plan, was playing diplomatic cowboy, etc.

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Then, within hours, the Kim regime released what sounded like a desperate plea: “We express our intent that there is a willingness to sit at any time, in any way,” the North Koreans said. That’s not what the guy who’s winning sounds like.

Even the lefty Union of Concerned Scientists admit that the willingness of the North Koreans to destroy their testing facility was a big deal, according to the New York Times:

“It’s true that shutting down the Punggye-ri test site does not prevent North Korea from ever testing again,” said David Wright, a senior scientist at the Union of Concerned Scientists. “If negotiations fail or situations change in the future, it could decide to tunnel at a different site and build the required infrastructure needed to test.”

But Mr. Wright called the development on Thursday “a meaningful and pretty dramatic action nonetheless.”

And it’s not just North Korea. The strategy there is making in impact because of the willingness of China to get involved - the same China that is cutting trade deals (or, once again, pretending to) under pressure from the Trump administration.

Yes, Trump is still Trump. Yes, his Twitter feed reads like it was taken over by a semi-literate conspiracy kook on a three-day bender.  But if this is what “crazy” looks like, maybe it’s time for Britain and our other EU allies to get a little bonkers.

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