The right side of the pond: This is why Trump is still smiling

From across the pond: This is why Trump is still smiling

Friday, May 18, 2018

In his column, talkRADIO presenter Michael Graham gives the US conservative viewpoint on current issues.

Why is this man smiling?

He is one of the most hated figures in modern politics.

The capital of his nation’s closest ally is planning widespread protests if he dares show his face.

He starts every morning with cable TV hosts firing non-stop attacks, and goes to bed every evening listening to late-night comics in blonde fright wigs telling jokes about his affair with a porn star.

And yet the argument could be made that President Donald Trump is on top of the world.

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While NBC and the BBC and the New York Times obsess over what they portray as his failures, Donald Trump’s poll numbers and perception have risen steadily.

In mid-December Trump’s approval was 21 points under water - an astonishingly bad number. Today’s he’s back in Barack Obama territory: 43 per cent of voters approve, 52 per cent disapprove.

At the same time, more Americans are saying the country is on the right track… or to be more accurate, fewer are saying it’s on the wrong one. And why shouldn’t they?

Unemployment is below 4 per cent, people are working more hours, and their kids are finally moving out of the spare bedrooms and out on their own.

On the world stage, Donald Trump is a major player.

He got out of an Iran deal that few Americans understand. But they know the Iranians liked it and now are angry that we’ve gotten out - and given the regime that runs Iran, to most Americans making the mullahs mad sounds like a good thing. (The fact that it annoyed your Europeans doesn’t hurt, either).

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After years of listening to President Obama say there was nothing we could do about North Korea, Trump is doing something about North Korea.

Talks with ‘Lil’ Rocket Man’ may go nowhere. But the fact there’s movement, even progress - that’s far more than the EU or UN have been able to get done.

And then there’s moving the US embassy to Israel’s capital, Jerusalem.  

Americans have seen the horrific loss of life at the Gaza-Israel border.

Many Americans see the allegedly Hamas-backed violence as old news; it’s not just something that happens when we move an embassy.

A year ago, when the investigation into #Russiagate formally began, Trump’s enemies in the media were predicting impending doom. And they’ve repeated those predictions nearly every day since.  And what’s happened?

Nothing. The consensus in America - even in the liberal media - is that the special counsel Robert Mueller most likely has no case of collusion to bring against Trump.  

If Vlad and The Donald really did meet in a Moscow hotel and draw up a campaign plan on the naked bodies of Russian prostitutes, they’ve buried the evidence.

Your Mr. Churchill noted that “Nothing in life is so exhilarating as to be shot at without result.”

Turns out, in politics it tends to exhilarate your supporters. After months of so many attacks from the Left and so little to show for it; months of predictions of dire outcomes from Trump’s twitter-driven diplomacy; after all these assurances from the Smart Set that Trump was too dumb to do the job of president - many Americans have noticed that the world hasn’t ended and, in fact, seems to be a bit better off than it was a year ago.

And that’s why the current resident of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue is smiling.

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