The right side of the pond: Why Trump's fans are supporting Brett Kavanaugh

The right side of the pond: Why Trump's fans are supporting Brett Kavanaugh

Alyssa Milano speaks to activists outside the Supreme Court, who are showing support for Kavanaugh's accusers. Image: Getty

Friday, September 28, 2018

Each week, talkRADIO's Michael Graham gives a conservative viewpoint on current issues. These are his views and not talkRADIO's.

And this, my British friends, is “How You Get Trump.”

As I say nearly every week on my Saturday night talkRADIO show, it’s the number one question from my European friends and colleagues: How did Trump happen? Why would America elect him?

Answer: The hearings for Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh this weekend.

Kavanaugh is Donald Trump's nomination for the Supreme Court, but is facing sexual assault and harassment allegations from three women, all of which he denies.

On Friday, the Senate Judiciary Committee voted by 11-10 to advance his nomination to the full Senate, but Republican Jeff Flake called for the FBI to investigate the allegations. 

What Trump's supporters see is politics being turned into professional wrestling. They see Democratic senators asking one of America’s highest-ranking judges about fart jokes in his high school yearbook. They pay no heed to the serious allegations against Kavanaugh, and see instead the Democrats trying to turn him into sketchy Bill Clinton type. 

Kavanaugh’s appearance before the committee was effective reaching the Republican base on two levels.

First, Kavanaugh’s willingness to fight inspired the base - which has made it clear they’re in the mood to rumble - that he was in it to win it. 

One reason GOP primary voters chose Trump over 16 qualified, establishment politicians, is that many of them believe their party is led by timid politicians more comfortable losing politely than doing what it takes to win.

Another reason, which seems to have been widely overlooked, is how Kavanaugh became a stand-in for the GOP base.  

At first blush, a private-academy Yale grad who spent his life in Washington, DC would seem an unlikely nominee for GOP everyman. Then again, so would a rude, thrice-married billionaire from New York City.   

But Brett Kavanaugh is also a middle-aged white guy who goes to church, coaches basketball and, to quote the judge himself, “likes beer.” 

Two years ago, “nice” Republicans and God-fearing Evangelicals decided Democrats had turned politics into a bare-knuckle, blood-letting cage match - so they got themselves a fighter.

Republicans don't see a man facing fair and justified questions based on the allegations levelled at him - they see a man being mistreated by Democrats and the mainstream media. 

And that's why the voted for Trump. 

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