Stewart Jackson: The woke left have met their match in Priti Patel

Monday, March 2, 2020

Former Conservative MP and special adviser Stewart Jackson defends Home Secretary Priti Patel after the dramatic resignation of a top civil servant.

Over the weekend the Home Office permanent secretary Sir Philip Rutnam accused Ms Patel of orchestrating a “vicious” campaign against him.

These are Mr Jackson’s views and not talkRADIO’s.

That ilk of the establishment are not used to people standing up to them and actually doing something radical, asking them to carry out manifesto commitments.

And I think, when you’ve got that very liberal left, slightly woke mindset - you have a person like Priti Patel who’s a lifelong Eurosceptic, who’s tough, who’s confident, who’s right of centre, who expects results - they don't like it.

These crazy lefties have weighed in on behalf of someone who’s public school, Oxbridge, establishment, the right club, apparently being bullied by a five foot six Ugandan-Asian woman, who has made something of herself, who is strong.

And what the woke left hate is that she’s not simpering. She’s not playing the race card, she's not playing the feminist card. She’s got the support of the vast bulk of the Conservative Party.

My view is if the liberal left and the establishment think that they’re going to get rid of Priti Patel over this, they’re wrong. They’ve picked the wrong battleground because frankly the government cannot afford to lose this battle.

This is a cultural battle to reform and re-energise British government post-Brexit and she's taking one for the team. I think on that basis most Conservative MPs, ministers and Downing Street certainly have to back her.

These are very, very devious and difficult people to deal with and I think they've met their match in Priti Patel.

It’s time frankly for Number 10 to wise up to start putting Conservative supporting people in positions of influence because otherwise their reforms will just run into the sand.

This isn’t just about Rutnam and Patel. This is a much bigger, seismic, epoch-making issue about who governs Britain - is it the establishment and the mandarins or is it the British people and their elected representatives?

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