Tube Tales: The golden rules of the London Underground you must know

Calling all Londoners - The unspoken rules of the Tube
Stand on the right, walk on the left
No eye contact
Silence... at all times
Let people off before you get on
Hold on tight

Commuters on the Tube obey these guidelines every day

Friday, August 26, 2016

Users of the Piccadilly line, prepare to recoil in horror. 

The Metro has published a picture of a man sitting on a train, which would be fine if not for the fact his pants are down! Yes, he's sitting bare-bottomed on the seat, and we can all agree you just don't do this on the Tube. 

Following this man's obvious violation, we thought it was time for a quick reminder of the rules of the London Underground

Despite them all being unspoken, they are law, and you risk incurring the fiery wrath of all Londoners if you break them.

Check out the gallery above!