'Bake Off is, quite literally, covered in BBC Icing': Jon Holmes discusses the future of the hit show

Innuendos, cake and BBC values - Find out more about The Great British Bake Off move

Annem was slightly concerned about changes that could be made to Bake Off

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

BBC values are iced on to The Great British Bake Off according to Jon Holmes, but perhaps not for much longer. 

The Great British Bake is moving home from BBC One to Channel 4. So Jon Holmes thought he'd find out more from Annem Hobson, who writes for food blog @sowrongitsnom.

She explained that she doesn't mind the channel move, because she'll still get her cake fix. She is however worried about changing the presenters or judges, but says she'll give them a chance.

Reham did call for innuendos to stay in the Bake Off, as without them it wouldn't be the same.

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