The Big Debate: Are words any use in modern society?

The Big Debate: Are words essential?

What would happen to books without words?

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Today's Big Debate certainly caused a few sharp words to be thrown about.

Jon Holmes discovered that the mayor of Toronto is not convinced that applying to host the World Expo in 2025 will benefit the city.

However current and former politicians are supporting the bid, which is a six-month showcase of trade and innovation. 

The city council will have the final word on whether a bid will be submitted, which of course kick-started a discussion on words (final or otherwise).

Adam joined Jon on air to share some thoughts on conversations.

"Words are bandied around all over the place, everyone wastes so much time with words," he complained. In words. 

"It's all nonsense, it's all hot air, it’s all gossip, chitter-chatter, prittle-prattle."

But Hank explained that it's not just day-to-day chit-chat that words can enhance, there are songs to consider, too.

"We wouldn't have any of these terrific tracks without lyrics, which are of course just words," he pointed out. 

Have a listen to the full debate and see what you think of their verbiage.