The Big Debate: Do we need toilets?

The Big Debate: Do we need toilets?

Down the pan?

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Jon Holmes is pondering the latest Big Debate from the smallest room in the house.

A spokesman from the Bank of Commerce in South America has said the funds from drug businesses should be tracked and used to "flush out" drug transactions.

Flushing is of course linked to toilets – but do we really need them?

Nick can't stand the idea of flushing.

"I'm not against toilets in general, I'm against western style porcelain toilets, and I think they're just a bit fancy, ‘look at me!’"

But Anthony thinks they're absolutely essential.

"I can't even believe we're having this conversation. What's your alternative? I learnt the hard way that toilets are good." We won't ask how.

Listen to the full debate and decide for yourself...