The Big Debate: Do we really need night?

The Big Debate: Do we really need night?

Are you afraid of the dark?

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Jon Holmes debates only the most important topics. But he is also a deep thinker.

So in the wake of David Cameron and George Osborne saying they're working 'day and night' on keeping the countries finances afloat, Jon could see a bigger issue within that news.

And nights, he found, are quite a controversial thing.

Ronnie, for one, can't stand night, and believes the frequency of these dark periods in our existence needs to change.

"I've got night fever – the problem with nights is they're just too frequent, a day doesn't go past where I don't see us having another night at the end of it."

But Ned thinks the only thing we need is more night times.

"Some people having a night time and some people having a daytime – what are we trying to do, please everybody? I think we should live in a perpetual state of nighttime, like they do in Lapland."

Day or night? Which do you want to keep? Listen to the full debate and make your decision.