The Big Debate: Does fire still have a purpose?

The Big Debate: Do we still need fire?

Fire. Is it all it's crackled up to be?

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

In The Big Debate today, Jon Holmes tackled the burning question of whether the human race still needs fire. 

This comes after the European Central Bank in Frankfurt was told to 'hold fire' on making new policy after inflation rates were lower than expected in Lithuania. 

Caller Dora insisted fire needed to be held to account. 

"We need to be tougher on fire," Dora insisted. "We need to be tougher on the causes of fire, like matches, flint and rubbing."

"I don't mind campfires, however. It's a bit more flamboyant."

Fellow listener Tim, however, could not have been more passionate in his defence of fire.

"People always say, 'you're on fire'," he said. "Everyone says you're on fire, it's a good thing."

Listen in and see if it sparks a debate where you are.