The Big Debate: 'Hundreds of faceless glasses workers would be out of work'

'I have a 6 foot tongue!' - It's Jon Holmes' Big Debate

Face:off. But what would you replace it with?

Friday, August 12, 2016

Jon Holmes is once again asking the most important question of the day: do we need faces?

As he explains, many people have faces but all evil people have faces. Is that really just a coincidence?

Caller Darren thinks we should keep faces, but does admit many people call his face "hideously ugly", largely because he has to wrap his six-foot tongue round his face.

Someone who would agree with the opinion of Darren having an ugly face is fellow listener Keith, who is against faces in general.

He believes that with no faces, we could cut down on discrimination.

Who do you think is correct? Listen to the full debate and then vote in our poll below