The Big Debate: Lips. What are they good for?

The Big Debate: Lips. What are they good for?

What would we do with lipstick if there were no lips?

Friday, May 27, 2016

Jon's been looking far and wide again to find out the latest debate that is rocking the world.

Today's news comes from New Delhi, in India, where the national government has been accused of paying only 'lip service' to the cause of women's security.

That got our intrepid presenter thinking about lips, leading to the question: are they essential in 2016?

Caller Andrew doesn't even understand what lips are, and as a result doesn't think they really serve a purpose.

"What are lips? I don't think they're actually anything - they're kind of like gums and kind of like face skin," he, um, explained. 

Nick, however, finds many uses for lips, and thinks they're essential to the modern-day human being.

"Food intake, articulation, expression, tactile organ, erogenous zone - five different things I say with my lips, about lips."

Listen to the pair get lippy in the full debate and decide who you agree with.