The Big Debate on photos: 'When they went into Iraq, they found Saddam inside a photo booth'

The Big Debate on photographs: 'When they went into Iraq, they found Saddam Hussein inside a photobooth'

Nickleback and Saddam Hussein – together at last in today's debate

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Jon Holmes always host the most topical stories on The Big Debate, and its participants have been varied - from the placid to the funny to a very notable studio invasion during a discussion about smells. 

Today's debate was about photographs, and after opening with the iconic hit Photograph by Nickleback, the chat got underway.

Greg, who is very firmly against photographs, wasn't happy with the choice of song.

"It's making my blood boil," Greg said. "All these photos everywhere. Burn them. 

"Look at the damage we've done to the environment with Polaroids!"

Jason, who loves a picture (as you might expect) was scandalised.

"How dare you, for insulting one of the most important songs of all time!" he said. "I think Greg doesn't know his Fuji films from his focal size to be honest. In my opinion, photographs are amazingly varied, they come in all shapes and size.

"Humanity can learn a lot from these photographs."

The debate even turned onto the Chilcot report - apparently, "when they went into Iraq, they found Saddam Hussein inside a photo booth" - according to Alex. 

It doesn't get much weirder. Listen above...