The Big Debate: Should people exist?

The Big Debate: Should people exist?

How often are people in your way?

Monday, June 27, 2016

Jon Holmes has been chasing the latest Big Debate, and here it is.

Last week, the result of the EU referendum was a vote to leave the European Union. This widely condemned, some say disastrous result was caused by the votes of people.

So Jon asks the ultimate question: People, should they leave or remain?

John dreams of a world empty of people.

"Imagine free housing," he says. "No NHS waiting lists, endless jobs, no immigrants and no ITV, all achievable if we get rid of people."

Joe, on the other hand, believes people are vital to the earth.

"People are good for the environment," he argues. "They breathe in O2 and breathe out CO2, which helps fuel trees, otherwise trees would suffocate, and without trees there would be no fruit."

Listen to this fascinating debate in full and decide whether you would like people to stay or go. Go on. Do it. Do it now, for our children's sake.