The Big Debate: Why bother with fish?

The Big Debate: Why bother with fish?

Good with chips, or our aquatic friends?

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Jon Holmes has been keeping a keen eye on social media lately.

Since Edward Snowden leaked classified government documents, it's been reported that he has a lot of female attention online.

He's been tweeting about some of the compliments he's received... but some claim he's just "fishing" for compliments.

Which leads the debate on to the most important matter of the day: why do we have fish?

Cliff contends that there is simply not a use for fish.

"The sooner they get out of the sea and evolve in to something more useful the better, really."

But on the other hand, Daniel absolutely loves our aquatic friends.

"There's all sorts of stuff in the sea, and fish are the best. The reason we have the phrase 'plenty more fish in the sea', is because deep down, we love fish."

What do you think? Listen to the full debate and decide if you're in or out of the sea...