The Big Debate: Would you pick a pocket?

The Big Debate: Would you pick a pocket?

What's lurking at the bottom of your pockets?

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Today's most urgent matter for national discussion started out life in a supermarket.

Tesco's annual report has shown that their chief executive, Dave Lewis, received a bonus of £2.9m last year, making his total pay £4.6m, after returning the troubled retailer to profit.

Critics have claimed he was wrong to 'pocket' the bonus.

Jon Holmes was immediately contacted by Jillian, wanting to stand up for pockets.

"What a ridiculous notion that we don't need pockets," protested Jon's caller. "Our friends the animals, they naturally have pockets - kangaroos, wallabies, otters, they all have pockets."

But listener Owen hit back at the claims because he fears people's immoral use of the clothing-based receptacles.

"They're used to carry potentially heinous things. As well as money, you can use pockets to carry guns, to carry drugs, to carry immigrants. 

"Personally I don't see the use for pockets in this day and age."

Listen to the full debate and pocket the opinion you agree with.