Cash crisis: Sticky new £5 note is not top gear, reveals Jon Holmes

Jon Holmes gets the info on the 'sticky' five pound note

Winston Churchill. The new Chris Evans?

Monday, May 30, 2016

The many and varied interests of Jon Holmes stretch even to the manufacture of bank notes, it would seem. 

The Bank of England has admitted that the plastic polymer introduced to five pound notes to make them more hard-wearing has the unwanted side-effect of also making them more likely to stick together.

With the elderly the most likely users of cash in today's digital economy, the news has provoked fears that users could end up paying for things twice once the new notes come into circulation from September.

The new-look fiver is the second high-profile relaunch of the week, following on from BBC TV's Top Gear returning to British screens on Sunday evening with new presenters Chris Evans and Matt LeBlanc.

The revamped cash, which will officially be launched on Thursday, also boasts a new design, with social reformer Elizabeth Fry playing the part of Jeremy Clarkson and seeing her face replaced by that of former prime minister Winston Churchill. 

Foregoing the title of 'paid intern' for reporter (probably only for today though), Jon sent producer Cornelius to report live from 'the Bank of England' to find out more. 

Similarly to the partly new Top Gear, Cornelius reported that the public's reaction to the revamp has been, well, somewhat underwhelming.

"You only have to look on Twitter," Cornelius told Jon. "The decision is almost unanimous: people are disappointed with the new five pound note."

"There's already rumours of revamping the note, to replace the Queen with Jennifer Aniston or Lisa Kudrow."

Our intrepid reporter called for people to give the note a chance. 

He said: "It's almost very unfair to compare these new five pound notes to the old reprints."

Listen to the full exchange above.