Dover delays: 5 tales of tortuous travel

Travellers heading for Dover were delayed for up to 16 hours over the weekend
Snow sinks Scotland – December 2010
A long drive to freedom in Germany – April 1990
South American standstill – June 2009
Ash stops planes – April 2010
China's road to nowhere - August 2010

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Monday, July 25, 2016

UK travellers heading for Dover were stranded in their vehicles for up to 16 hours over the weekend as traffic chaos gripped Kent on the first weekend of the school holidays.

Police motorcyclists and helicopters distributed more than 11,000 bottles of water to ferry-bound motorists, many of whom were left stuck overnight thanks to a combination of heavy traffic and increased security checks.

But, frustrating though it must have been for those involved, the Dover delays were nothing compared to this collection of travel standstills.  

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